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Tracy Pride Stoneman began representing investors and stockbrokers with claims against their brokerage firms in 1992. From the outset, Ms. Stoneman became active in championing the rights of investors, for example, by publishing articles to make securities arbitrations fairer and co-authoring a book to better educate the public on the behind-the-scenes activities of brokerage firms.  She was one of the early members of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association and served on its Board of Directors for six years.  She has represented thousands of individuals who have been wronged by their brokerage firms. Ms. Stoneman has handled some of the largest securities arbitrations against Prudential Securities, Paine Webber and Raymond James, yet she also handles significantly smaller cases. Ms. Stoneman takes cases on an hourly basis or a contingent fee basis. She will also agree to unique, hybrid fee arrangements in order to accommodate the needs of the client - the choice is yours. Ms. Stoneman also represents stockbrokers who have claims against their brokerage firms for such things as wrongful termination and defamation on the U-4/U-5 regulatory form. 

Securities Arbitration Expertise

 Representing Investors

Securities Arbitration Expertise – 

Representing Stockbrokers

  • FINRA & SEC Regulations
  •  Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  •  Securities Fraud Investigations
  •  Mutual Fund Mismanagement
  •  Hedge Fund Mismanagement
  •  Self-Dealing & Front-Running
  •  Churning

  •  Options, Stocks & Bonds
  •  Compliance Violations
  •  Supervisory Violations and Lapses
  •  Due Diligence
  •  Concentration - Lack of Diversification
  • Suitability

  • Wrongful termination based on age, gender, race, religion, or other types of discrimination
  •  Defense of promissory note claims
  •  Breach of contract
  •  Defamation on U-4/U-5 disclosures
  •  Constructive Discharge cases
  •  Defense of FINRA disciplinary actions

One thing that distinguishes Ms. Stoneman from many of her peers is that she has a built-in securities expert witness; he’s Ms. Stoneman’s husband – Douglas J. Schulz (www.securitiesexpert.com).  This is an invaluable resource because lawyers don’t necessary know the intricacies of the securities business.  They were trained in law; not securities.  Though Ms. Stoneman uses other experts for the arbitration hearings, having her own expert available 24/7 is incredibly helpful.  Ms. Stoneman’s decades of experience representing investors and stockbrokers, as well as her built-in expert make for an extremely competent advocate.


Ms. Stoneman is located in Colorado and Texas, although she represents clients all over the country.  Arbitrations are unique in that everything that happens takes place online, over the telephone or through the mail.  Travel is required only if the case proceeds to arbitration, and most cases settle.  As a result, Ms. Stoneman has represented many clients she has never met.  Except but in a few states, arbitration lawyers don’t need to be licensed in the state where the arbitration is held (almost always the investor’s residence.)  When Ms. Stoneman gets a case in one of the states that requires local counsel, she calls on the many contacts she has developed in her 24+ years in this business and works out arrangements do not adversely affect the fee the client pays. 


Ms. Stoneman's special skills include superb client contact, writing skills, and oral presentation. She is regarded in the industry as enthusiastic and aggressive. Ms. Stoneman maintains a small firm because she recognizes that for many, even hiring a lawyer can be intimidating.  Rather than shuffling you to a junior, less experienced attorney, as some attorneys do, Ms. Stoneman is accessible at virtually all times and will be the only person handling your case.  There are a number of firms that specialize in securities arbitration.  But far too often, through their marketing efforts, these firms generate a large number of leads and potential cases.  Clients are often simply a number in a large base of cases.  Not so with Ms. Stoneman.  She purposefully keeps her case load small so that her clients receive the best representation possible. 


It is critical that the attorney you hire have experience in securities arbitrations. Even an experienced "trial attorney" can be a fish out of water in a securities arbitration. A different set of rules applies than in court. Client preparation is paramount - in a court case, the parties tell their story more than once - once in a deposition and then again at trial. Not so in securities arbitrations, because depositions are rarely allowed. It is critical that your attorney properly prepare the client for the sometimes tricky and deceitful onslaught of questions by opposing counsel. It is also paramount for your attorney to be in command of all of the facts of your case. Only then will your attorney be able to think quickly on her feet to formulate questions and respond in the arbitration. Ms. Stoneman excels in this area and feels that if a lawyer doesn't have the time, the ability or the inclination to represent a client fully and completely in these ways, then the case should not be taken.  It is this individualized attention to clients and cases that allows Ms. Stoneman to maximize the positive results she obtains for clients. 

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