U-4 & U-5 Violations

If a stockbroker has ever voluntarily resigned, been discharged or permitted to resign after allegations were made that accused him or her of: 

1.violating investment-related statutes, regulations, rules, or industry standards of conduct? 
2.fraud or the wrongful taking of property? 
3.failure to supervise in connection with investment-related statutes, regulations, rules or industry standards of conduct? 

 This information is recorded on a Form U-4 as well as Form U-5, regulatory forms that reflect the reasons for a stockbroker leaving the firm.  The U-4 and U-5 forms, once filed, remain a matter of public record that the departing broker carries with him or her for the remainder of their career. Sometimes, the employer brokerage firm puts language about the reason for termination that is false or otherwise defamatory, allowing the broker to sue for defamation and wrongful termination.  If successful, the broker can recover lost wages and even punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and a rewording of the language on the regulatory forms.

Important- if you feel you were permitted to resign or were discharged after allegations and accusations in the securities industry you must act aggressively and contact Ms. Stoneman immediately!

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