Recovering Losses

Investors do have options

If you feel that you have suffered from securities investment losses, and think you may have been misled by your stockbroker, brokerage firm, or online trading company you may be able to recover your investment losses.

In today’s investment environment, too many people choose to write off their investment losses feeling naïve for trusting the wrong financial advisor. However, the securities industry is well-regulated and investment losses may be recovered.

Investors that feel that they’ve been the victim of wrongdoing have the opportunity to file and present their claim in FINRA arbitration. Whether it’s unsuitable securities, breach of fiduciary duty, the failure to supervise, or any of the dozens of wrongdoing that can be successfully adjudicated in front of a FINRA arbitration panel.  You probably have questions! Don’t go it alone! You need a professional! Contact Tracy Stoneman to discuss your case and options of remedy available to you.  While not all losses are recoverable, the best financial advice is to contact an experienced securities arbitration attorney and discuss the viability of your claim. Ms. Stoneman provides free consultations and represents claimants nationwide.

Ms. Stoneman is nationally known and her extensive experience, expertise, and aggressive litigation style delivers excellent results on all securities related matters. Her time before FINRA arbitration panels has recovered millions of dollars for her clients. Give Ms. Stoneman a call at (800) 783-0748 and explore your options!

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