Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process. Instead of a judge and jury, a panel of one to three impartial people hears the evidence and reaches a decision regarding your claim for losses. 

Securities arbitration is the only way to resolve disputes investors and their brokers and brokerage firms.

Under FINRA arbitration rules, an arbitration hearing takes place in a conference room with each party, their securities arbitration lawyers, expert witnesses, and the arbitrators.  Each side’s securities arbitration attorney is given the opportunity to summarize the evidence to support/prove in an opening statement.  Then the claimant (investor), followed by the respondent (the brokerage firm, stockbroker, etc.), presents evidence through questioning of expert witnesses and their presentation of documents.  Closing statements summarize the evidence and the reasons why each party believes their evidence deserves an award in their favor.  The arbitrators retire to deliberate.  Under the FINRA arbitration rules within 30 days after the completion of the hearing, FINRA sends the parties a written award stating which party wins the case and the amount of money, if any, that one party must pay to the other side.

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