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You've worked hard for your investment dollars and chose what appeared to be a dependable broker, investment advisor, brokerage firm, or perhaps, an tracyonline brokerage firm and you dove in with both feet, placing your trust and money hoping that they will serve your best interest! However, oftentimes what looks good at first glance may result in disastrous consequences. It begins with a loss of trust, as your portfolio didn't produce what was promised or worse took a horrible nosedive.  Then you find your trusted financial adviser has engaged in wrongdoing - negligence, fraud, unsuitability, unauthorized trading - or, heaven forbid, failed to follow your  instructions. Fortunately for all investors, the securities industry is well-regulated,

and you have a remedy if these acts of wrongdoing occurred. You should not waste time deciding what action to take. If you have reason to believe that you have been the victim of fraud or misrepresentation, you have the opportunity to seek justice. But, you must choose an aggressive and experienced securities arbitration lawyer - it is vital to recovering your investment losses. 

    Tracy Pride Stoneman

Tracy Stoneman of Stoneman Law is a highly experienced nationally recognized securities arbitration lawyer, recovering millions in restitution for her clients! Drawing upon her more than 30 years of result-driven and in-depth understanding of securities law Ms. Stoneman dedicates 100% of her law practice to securities arbitration and litigation. 



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As an attorney specializing in securities law, my practice revolves around counseling clients, individual investors, who believe that their investment was mishandled or that they were misled during the investment process. Within this website you will learn about brokerage fraudnegligencesecurities fraudunauthorized tradingchurningarbitrationrecovering losses, order failure, and why it's important to hire a highly experienced securities attorney with a deliberate winning strategy.           

Ms. Stoneman also represents stockbrokers and investment advisors for wrongful termination, slander/libel, U-4 & U-5 violations, and contract/promissory disputes.


In this competitive world of securities litigation, ultimately the key question for any wronged investor or potential claimant is “Why hire Tracy Stoneman versus some other securities lawyer?” When I started doing securities litigation exclusively almost 30 years ago, I had very little competition. That is the reason I own two of the key securities litigation website domains www.brokeragefraud.com and www.investorfraud.com. 30 years later the Internet is filled with fancy websites by law firms claiming to specialize in securities litigation. I know most of my competitors and, for the vast majority, what I offer to my clients is a far superior opportunity to recover your losses, your costs, your attorney’s fees, interest and lost opportunity damages (what you would or should have made in the brokerage account if not for the wrongdoing). (Read more on "Why Hire Ms. Stoneman)

  • Who actually does the work on your case?

Many securities law firms have large staffs to deal with all the volume. Much of your case will be handled by younger, much less experienced lawyers and legal staff. I perform 100% of the work on your case. That’s exactly what you deserve - a lawyer who has 30 years of exclusive, hands-on securities litigation experience.

  • Does the lawyer or law firm do exclusively securities litigation?

I do exclusively securities litigation, nothing else. Many securities firms that appear to be doing only securities litigation also do all kinds of other personal injury litigation. Scrutinize their entire website to look for this deviation.

  • What is the chance the lawyer is really willing to try your case versus forcing you into a settlement?

It is a sad fact that far too many of my competitors take on cases that they never intend to take through arbitration/trial. They will take your case on contingency, have an associate do most of work, perform little work, and then settle your case for cents on the dollar. I will not take any case unless I’m willing to go all the way through the entire litigation process.


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an interview of Ms. Stoneman, that is part of a major hard-hitting 

documentary starring some of the biggest names in the securities industry.

About The Movie, Navigating the Fog of Investing

In what may be the most improbable 90 minutes ever conceived, "Navigating the Fog of Investing," ventures deep into the underbelly of the investment world and shocks us into reality. In his feature film debut, Joshua Helman, M.D. takes us deep behind enemy lines to expose the conspiring minds of the brokerage community and their tawdry ways. Armed with a hidden camera Helman reveals stockbrokers and investment gurus for what they really are — financial cheerleaders -- without the skirts. And expose them he does. The movie is to the personal finance industry what Michael Moore's Sicko film is to the healthcare industry.


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Read Ms. Stoneman’s latest article published in the Fall 2016 issue of the PIABA Bar Journal and on Westlaw: Supervision of Third Party/Power of Attorney 


  What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know

Tracy Pride Stoneman has co-authored a book with husband, Douglas J. Schulz, renowned securities expert witness.

"The authors, battle stockbrokers for a living.  . . they make enough of a case to get even very trusting investors to (wisely) think thrice about any broker's advice".


More on Brokeragefraud - Valuable secrets every investor should know to protect his or her assets.


(reviewed February 11, 2002)

"The imperative to be a skeptical investor is a lesson most of us learn the hard way. That's why you might do a favor for any friends who still use a stockbroker by giving them Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know." (Dearborn Press) 

    "The public has been bombarded with the benefits of investing. Yet, what brokerage firms and stockbrokers fail to tell individuals is how the securities industry bends and breaks the rules to the detriment of investors...."Google Book  

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