For Seniors - III

Attention Seniors: An Important Message From Ms. Stoneman -

"Many states have elder abuse statutes that are designed to protect seniors from a variety of fraud, including financial fraud. However, if your state does not have such a statute, do not despair as there are numerous other laws that can assist seniors in recovering their money. FINRA even has a rule that provides for expedited arbitrations for seniors or seriously ill parties."

 Tracy  Pride Stoneman: Securities Arbitration Attorney

Continued from - For Seniors: The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA)

• Enables broker-dealers or investment advisers to impose an initial delay of disbursements from an account of an eligible adult for up to 15 business days if financial exploitation is suspected. The delay can be extended for an additional 10 days at the request of either the state securities regulator or adult protective services.

• Provides immunity from administrative or civil liability for broker-dealers and investment advisers for taking actions including delaying disbursements as permitted under the act.
• Requires qualified individuals such as securities brokers or investment advisers to provide records that are relevant to the suspected or attempted financial exploitation to government authorities.

The model act applies to adults age 65 and older and individuals who qualify for protection under a state adult protective services statute.

For more information contact: The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA)

If you believe you have invested in securities that don’t fit your risk tolerance, or if you have lost money investing in volatile securities where your broker failed to disclose the risks involved, you may have certain legal rights that require your immediate attention.



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