For Seniors - II


The cost of being defrauded is more than financial for older Americans. Often older victims of financial fraud may hesitate to tell family members, friends, or colleagues for fear of criticism or worse, the perception that you are too old or feeble to self-manage your own financial investments.  Ms. Tracy Stoneman represents Seniors Nationwide.



(The Story Continues)

Slowly grandma's health starts slipping, (to tell the truth her granddaughter won't take her to her doctor's appointments, doesn't always pickup grandma's prescriptions or won't administer the Rx doses at the proper time, if at all) and for some reason grandma's frequently at the emergency room due to injuires that are reported as falls (has grandma suddenly become clumsy or is this the result of negligence by her granddaughter or something else?). 

Grandma's checking account balance is considerably lower and her Social Security check doesn't stretch as far as usual. The "nest egg" is gone, food is scarce, and you receive a call that from the utilities company threatening to cut them off unless you make the payment. Never has grandma been so financially impoverished (you discover that the loving granddaughter is embezzling money by forging grandma's signature to checks and ordering products online using grandma's profile, established by the granddaughter.) You discover, to your horror, the state of grandma's financial stability! You find credit cards have been established and maxed out, loans granted in grandma's name, the family's inheritence through grandma's portfolio has been reduced to ashes. Grandma's broker and loving granddaughter have moved everything into fast moving, risky accounts and have emptied the coffers. The broker has made a small fortune in commissions and there's a new car in grandma's driveway!

Sound unbelievable? This is an ongoing case in Virginia. The granddaughter is facing felony counts of city, state, and federal charges of elder abuse. Charges of forgery, embezzlement, identity fraud, obtaining credit through false statements, and so on!  The broker has been fired and the funds have been returned including all commisions.  The family is relying on legal counsel to guide them through the turmoil ahead. 

Conclusion: When asked why grandma didn't say anything or complain about the situation she replied, "It was my granddaughter"

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