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Q: I think I may be the victim of securities fraud. What should I do?

A: If you think you may be the victim of securities fraud you should take immediate action! Contact the law offices of Stoneman Law, (719) 783-0303. Or, you may fill out our contact form and Ms. Stoneman will contact you to discuss your situation shortly.

Q: My Stockbroker/Brokerage Firm/financial Advisor wants to meet to resolve my problem. Should I accept the invitation to meet?

A: It is your right and privlege to meet with these representatives however, in my experience most clients come away frustrated and have felt the meeting was a waste of their time.  RED FLAGS! Firms often offer to conduct an exhaustive investigation to get to the bottom of the issue and to take action if they find any misconduct or inappropriate activity.  Don't be fooled, just because their "" determines no misconduct or inappropriate activity has occured does not mean that you do not have a case. You should still seek legal counsel and let a professional review your situation and determine if you have a case!

Q: How long can I wait before I file something?

A: The only thing that stops the time clock from ticking is your filing of an with FINRA.  This is different than making a complaint to FINRA.  You can make a complaint to FINRA on your own but you should only file an arbitration claim with the assistance of an attorney.  Likewise, only an attorney can evaluate whether you have waited too long to take action.  It’s not a black and white issue and many factors influence your ability to proceed, such as the broker reassuring you that you have nothing to worry about.  So talk to an attorney soon. Ms. Stoneman is always happy to talk to you.


Q: Will my arbitration be private?

A: Yes.  Unlike court cases where reporters routinely scour the filings of parties for newsworthy items of interest, this cannot be done in a FINRA arbitration – by reporters or any third party.  The entire proceeding is private – everything that is filed and the actual hearing itself.  The only way that it would get into the press (you will notice that several of Tracy’s cases have been in the press) is if Tracy obtains the permission of her client to do so.


Q: I live outside of the United States and believe that I have been a victim of securities fraud. Whom do I contact to file a claim?

A: Contact Ms. Stoneman of Stoneman Law.  

Q: Will you take my case?

A: There is no charge to speak with Ms. Stoneman regarding your case.  Take a moment and fill out our contact form Ms. Stoneman will contact you to discuss your situation shortly. 

man imageDON'T GO IT ALONE!

You should seek legal counsel!  Ms. Stoneman of Stoneman Law is a securities arbitration attorney and is always happy to discuss your situation.  She will advise you whether your case is good or bad and what you should do and all at no charge.

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