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You've worked hard for your investment dollars and chose what appeared to be a dependable broker, brokerage firm, or perhaps, an online brokerage firm and you dove in with both feet, placing mS. sTONEMANyour trust and money hoping that they will serve your best interest! However, oftentimes what looks good at first glance may result in disastrous consequences. It begins with a loss of trust, as your portfolio didn't produce what was promised or worse took a horrible nosedive.  Then you find your trusted financail adviser has engaged in wrongdoing - neglience, fraud, unsuitability, unauthorized trading - or, heaven forbid, failed to follow your instructions.  Fortunately for all investors, the securities industry is well-regulated, and you have a remedy if these acts of wrongdoing occurred. You should not waste time deciding what action to take. If you have reason to believe that you have been the victim of fraud or misrepresentation, you have the opportunity to seek justice. But, you must choose an aggressive and experienced securities arbitration lawyer - it is vital to recovering your investment losses.  Tracy Stoneman of Stoneman law is a nationally recognized securities arbitration lawyer with years of experience and expertise, having recovered millions in restitution for her clients!

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As an attorney specializing in securities law I feel a responsibility to educate my clients regarding the securities industry.  Within my website you will learn about brokerage fraudnegligencesecurities fraudunauthorized tradingchurningarbitration, and recovering losses.  You can also read about various issues related to your brokerage accounts. 
I also represent stockbrokers and investment advisors for such things as wrongful termination,   U-4 &  U-5 violations, slander/libel, and contract/promissory disputes.

Read Ms. Stoneman’s latest article published in the Fall 2016 issue of the PIABA Bar Journal and on Westlaw: 

Supervision of Third Party/Power of Attorney Accounts.


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 With more than 24 years specializing in securities law, Ms. Stoneman knows what it takes to effectively and efficiently handle a securities case, when to settle, and when to take the case to a FINRA Arbitration Panel. Ms. Stoneman has recovered investment losses from almost every major wall street firm in the country and successfully recovered claims in the millions of dollars for her clients.  Though Ms. Stoneman represents clients nationwide, she has offices in Colorado and Dallas Texas where some of her largest client-awarded cases have originated.

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Ms. Stoneman, was interviewed for a video presentation entitled,  "Navigating the Fog of Investing."  A presentation of McGriff Productions. 

Picture of book, Brokerage FraudTracy Pride Stoneman has co-authored a book with husband, Douglas J. Schulz, renowned securities expert witness.

Authors Schulz & StonemanRead an excerpt  - Valuable secrets every investor should know to protect his or her assets.

the crime of the twenty-first century

 financial scams targeting seniors!

Ms. Stoneman Offers This Advice For "Seniors" -

"keep your guard up and maintain a healthy dose of skepticism!

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Why are seniors being targeted?

1. Seniors are most likely to have a “nest egg,” which makes them attractive to unscrupulous brokers or financial advisors.

2. Seniors are less likely to report a fraud because they don’t know who to report it to, or fear relatives will feel they are incapable of self-determination.
3. Older people tend to be more trusting than younger adults and thus, statistics show, vulnerable to fraud.

If you feel that you have an unscrupulous broker who is targeting you or other senior investors, contact Ms. Stoneman. She is knowledgeable of potentially abusive practices toward senior investors and is dedicacated to their protection.  

Ms. Stoneman provides older investors non-judgemental support. Through her knowledge of the securities industry and her nationwide reputation of high-dollar restitution and arbitration awards, Ms. Stoneman will restore confidence and financial stability to the senior investor. 

For more information go to:  For Seniors

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Man CryingTracy represented an 86-year old Tyler, Texas man whose stockbroker at Raymond James moved him out of a fixed income portfolio into complex variable annuities which benefited the broker with hefty commissions but saddled Tracy’s client with illiquid equity risk. The broker also bought and sold annuities causing Tracy’s client to suffer huge surrender charges. Tracy won the arbitration, recovering over $1 million for her client, as well as pre-judgment interest, costs and $250,000 in attorneys’ fees.  Raymond James unsuccessfully appealed the award and it stands today as one of the largest arbitration awards against the firm.  

            (Read Press Release!)                                                            

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“The broker moved the Tylers' investment portfolio of $3.8 million from municipal bond investments into annuities, said Tracy Stoneman, a Westcliffe, Colorado and Dallas-based securities attorney who represents investors.”   

(Raymond James to Pay!)

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“The panel also found that Raymond James failed to provide adequate supervision to its broker, a branch manager in its Amarillo office.”

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"FINRA Arbitration Panel Hits Raymond James with $1.7 Million Penalty”

“Raymond James did nothing to inject themselves into whether what was going on was suitable, despite numerous red flags," Stoneman said.  Stoneman Law offices in Westcliffe, Colorado, Dallas, Texas with nationwide representation ability. 

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Testimonials and Comments About The Tyler Case   

"I think that you did a great job for the Tylers, and I believe you are one of the most organized and effective attorneys I have worked with." 

"Thank you for all the work. I know this will be another star in your crown."

"As I mentioned this morning, regardless of the outcome, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this case. You are the consummate advocate and represented the Tyler's masterfully!

Heard you did a FANTASTIC job at the hearing!"

"Undoubtedly the finest arbitration attorney I've met to date!" 

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